The items of Regulation about the Competition

  1. The aims and objectives of the competition
  2. Tournament organization
  3. The Type of competition
  4. The Term of competition
  5. The Place of competition
  6. The Program of competition
  7. Who can participate in the competition? And is there any limitation?
  8. The system of implementation competition
  9. The number of party of individual meetings in special competition
  10. The number of party of meetings during team competition
  11. The board of guides
  12. Deadline for applications
  13. The place and time for lottery
  14. Financial conditions for participating in competition
  15. The types of awarding
  16. The types of game tables, balls and other equipments (brands)
  17. The list of reporting documents
  18. How should be treated with team players, own opinion about competition
  19. The following items must be provided for team competition in the regulation.
    1. Which sport organization can participate in the competition?
    2. Do held competitions for several team groups (league, division) and for which features teams apply this or other group (to league, to division)
    3. How many team can participate the same organization in the competition?
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